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Equinox Skyblock survival server.

Equinox Skyblock survival server.
Ip: This is a skysmp implemented server which is elegable for 20slots - hosted by owner - ravo492

Equinox Skyblock survival server. Information:

baking me a cake will get you the choice of either
- flint+steel
- a piston
- 2 snow blocks
leave a small review of the server in this thread and get a grass block
give 5 gold ingots for enchanting table
give me tnt and i'll spawn 2 animals or give you 10 sand
achieve all the goals to be able to warp to the end

Build a Cobble Stone generator.
Expand the island.
Make an infinite water source.
Build a furnace.
Make a tree farm.
Build a house with a bed.
Make a melon farm.
Make a pumpkin farm.
Make a sugarcane farm.
Make a wheat farm.
Make a giant mushrooms.
Make smooth stone.
Make torches.
Make a small lake and catch fish.
Build a mob grinder.
Make various wools and dyes with the materials you have
Make lots of mushroom stew
Craft Jack 'o' lanterns.
Build a library
Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
Make paintings for your house
Craft 16 Glass Panes.
Make a bow and arrows.
Bake a cake.
Go to nether

Donations are greatly accepted, only donate to "ravo492" there is a variety of different ranks donateable for. info inserver.

Equinox Skyblock survival server. Screenshots:

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