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Fate Craft - RPG PVP

Fate Craft - RPG PVP
Epic is all I can say. Huge Cities of NPCs with Quests, and flag based PvP to keep the Murderers away from safe spots. The town guards will take care of any evil doers that get too close. Class based magic system, with Runecraft as well. Blood Mod added for nice effects. Currently accepting BETA users, apply on the website link to get access. FATECRAFT.ENJIN.COM

Fate Craft - RPG PVP Information:
BETA ACCESS - Please apply on our website at if you would like to apply to be a tester on this server. Right now we have spend hundreds of hours setting up the world and getting this ready to move it out of ALPHA. This week we started letting a few candidates in to help test, and you can be one of them! We have various Magic Classes we want to let testers try out and provide feedback about their experience. We are also working to have a large PVP type event in the Mega Arena with group battles to help get some more ideas about tweaking the spells and classes a bit. If you get accepted you automatically get to pick a class of your choice to be the current max level in to aid in testing. We want to get all the current stuff balanced before we roll up the higher mid game and end game spells, so that the early content isnt too over or under powered.

So far the feedback from the testers have been comments like "this is amaizing!" or "this is epic" and other such banter. So I am not kidding when I say this is going to be very big. If you want to be a part, sign up on the forums as mentioned, and reply to the beta thread and we will review it promptly. There is likely a mod on to do a speedy review so you don't have to wait around after posting.

We are using a flagged based system to control PvP. Most Towns are considered "safe", and no PvP is allowed in them. But outside of town, Murder can happen. If someone is Murdered, and they report it to the guards, then the killer gets a Murder Point. Once they hit 5 Murders, they are no longer allowed in the safe cities to use the npcs, or walk about, besides the town guards will not aggro on them and likely kill them. So if someone has the Murder flag, they must live in one of the "Lawless" towns where PvP is allowed.

If someone with the Murder Flag decides to become a Thief, they can give up all the benefits of what ever class they currently have and change to a Thief. A thief can pickpocket items from other players if they are lucky. And they can also pick the locks on chests to try to get the goodies inside. That being said there is no breaking into houses. But a Thief can still stroll the town if they have lost enough Murder Points to have lost the Murder Flag. However, guards will still aggro on Thieves in safe Towns, so be warned.

We use MCMMO to provide a great leveling experience, and are working to add custom content to it in the following weeks to tie in some of the Classes. We also have a blood mod so that killing mobs and players is a bit more exciting. And we have a range of classes that we are rolling out so that there will be a broad and wide set of playstyles for every type of gamer. We are open to suggestions, comments, and more on our forums if you are selected. We encourage and rewards players to do so.

There are dozens of NPCs in the game already and have plans to add many, MANY more! There are town guards that will keep the monsters at bay as well as evil players! There are merchants in each of the cities that sell and buy various thing, as well as a main market that has a large selection of everything a player could need. There are also Quest Npcs that offer a range of varied quests to complete, some can be redone and others are one shots. There are also plans to work in an EPIC QUEST for each of the classes, that spans the huge game world where players would need to visit many cities and hidden places in to attempt to complete their massive adventures and receive their Class Based EPIC ITEM! There are also Blacksmiths to repair you items, weapons, and armor, and Healer NPCS too that will of course, heal you. And there are also Wizards in the game that players can hire to do various magical tasks.

There is a working economy, with players able to buy and sell goods to the NPCS or other players. You will get a Interest each hour you are logged in! There are also various kits you can use each hour to try to stock up on items if you are on a bit. Beta Testers are being given a nice chunk of cash to get started when they join, so you can have some resources to start your adventure. But the GMs, Mods, and Admins will try their best not to interact with players and help, as we are trying to test some things obviously. However, we will help sometimes, we just don't want to unbalance the game with goodies. That being said we do offer a nice range of Donators packages that you can benefit from, although we are planning to make the server free so that anyone can play and do anything, but those that want to help support the server and provide us with fuel to keep growing will indeed have some advantages.

There is no flying mods allowed, or XRAY, speed hacks, or any other cheats that defy the games setup. We are working in a class that has some flying abilities however. There is a class that can get a haste to run fast however, and the use and crafting of Speed Potions is encouraged. Getting around in the world is mostly done with magic. Any class can use a RuneGate. They are one way portals to distant lands, saving you some walking time, but be warned that you might have to hoof it back on foot if you can't find a faster way back. However, there is a class that has the ability to teleport to places and thus offer rides to other players for donations or kindness. And some of the dontators get the /home command so they can get back home as well. Clerics can RES at their body when they die. But for the most part the world is huge, so be ready for an adventure if you plan on heading out of town.

HUGE, dungeons all over the world! Each city has at least one, and some have 2 or 3. They are house many rooms with treasure, traps, monsters, hidden passage ways and more! Each one is unique making every towns dungeon crawl have its own feel. Many more are being added as we continue to hammer out more and more content every day :) They will be refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that more loots show up, and that the hidden passages become rehidden, that way the first person there doesn't get all the rewards leaving future players opening empty chests and just waltzing past the secret passages.

I could say so much more, but I really must get back to coding, and moding the server, so please stop by our website at :


And signup and we will see you there!

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