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Agape Creation is a network of family-oriented Christian servers. We promote love, friendliness, and fun,
and invite YOU to join!

As of now we have a total of 4 main servers, each with their own unique gameplay style, ranks, and communities.
We also have 3 more global servers on the way, which will include gamemodes such as Prison, Creative, and PVP.

Though our content is very mainstream, we take pride in our community which has developed across different servers
over the years, and hope to improve on it.

When you join you'll be greeted by the different staff NPC's, information holograms, and the beautiful space-
themed spawn built by our owners.

Our guidelines are simple,
`No swearing
`No inappropriate topics/links (videos, images, etc.)
`No server advertising (Sending links to any other community other than property of ACN is counted as advertising)
`Disagreements are fine, but full-blown arguments are not.
`Respect those in authority (And each other)
`No hacking
`No trolling
`No spamming
`Keep the caps lock down to a minimum
(Each server also has their own rules, so make sure to check those when joining other servers)

If you're looking to become a staff member on a network, we may have something for you as well. We're currently
looking for plugin developers to work with our team, as well as moderators, and builders.

All the above will be working with every server on the network, so it's best to be skilled at multitasking.

We hope to grow our playerbase, but even more importantly, grow the quality of our content, and improve the experience
of our players.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our community, see you soon!

1. By applying for staff of any kind (Developer, Builder, Moderator, or Administrator), you are applying
as a volunteer, not an employee. No staff are currently paid, all money gained from donations is put
into keeping the servers online. By applying you agree to help develop the network without monetary payment
of any sort.

2. Currently there are no rewards for donating on the network's site, however there are rewards for donating on
the per-server sites. There are no refunds, and donating will not prevent you from being banned in the event
you break any of the above regulations.

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Youtube: (Coming soon)

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Agape Creation Network
Server Information
Registration DateAugust 18, 2017
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
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Version 1.12
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