All The Mods 8 - Splodge Official -

All The Mods 8 - Splodge Official -

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Splodge bringing you All The Mods 8!

If your Minecraft client crashes or freezes try adding more RAM, the pack has over 300+ mods... 8-12GB should be enough but we like to go for 16GB just in case.

We offer ranks that increase with playtime giving you more perks the higher you get.

Feel free to build a shop at your base, no need to claim the chunk!

We have a donation store available... wait hear me out! If you take a look you will find that the prices are crazy, this is to discourage advantages over other players. Donations go towards supporting the server's and we can't thank you enough! It's not cheap running minecraft server.

We hope you enjoy playing with us, feel free to join the discord:

As per usual, griefing will not tolerated!

All The Mods 8 - Splodge Official -
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