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Hey there! We are a small survival server looking for some new players to join our friendly community. The server has been running for over a year with a whitelist, but we have decided to go public :

You will spawn just outside a grand hall with details on who the admins are, some basic rules, free kits to get you started, public crafting and enchanting areas, and warps to useful places as well as interesting biomes. We also have a public grinder, server shop and villager trading hall - we even have a Zoo to look around! We are a PVE server, but have built a PVP arena and will soon be making PVP available to people if/when they want it. No-one will be forced to PVP, you can remain PVE-only if that is what you want :

There is a shopping plaza in town with plots for player shops, as well as a board in the grand hall for player warps if you would rather have a shop near your main base that people can get to easily.

We have ranks which give greater perms and perks to players who have been on the server for a little while - everyone gets the Citizen rank as soon as they have read the rules.

We have a few plugins which provide protection for your stuff, as well as extra quality of life things like home locations etc. There is a Help Hall which gives more information on these and how to use them. Your chests, furnaces, etc. are protected automatically though, so its really easy to use. We have an in-game economy set up for shops, voting rewards, prizes etc. 

The WorldBorder is set at 20,000 blocks from spawn, and there is absolutely LOADS of untouched wilderness to explore and build in. We have about 15 regular players from all around the world US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia... The server is up 24x7 except for occasional maintenance. We have a Discord server to help us keep people informed, provide a forum, server job listings, suggestions, galleries of cool player builds etc.

Our admins are active and friendly, but more importantly they are honest and fair. We do accept donations towards server costs, obviously, but this is voluntary, everyone is welcome to join and play for free!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!
Komplexify - Head Admin, CowGirl__ - Admin, _Absinthe_ - Architect and Hoster

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Discord Link
Registration DateAugust 10, 2018
Last Pingedabout 8 hours ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited Kingdom flag