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Aramore Crafting is a Towny server. However, we're working to become a network with multiple gamemodes!
Implementing new features frequently to improve performance, gameplay, and enjoyment for everyone! Have a feature you want to see? Let us know!

You can connect using 1.13 but there are no 1.13 features implemented yet!
We are waiting for it to become more stable before fully updating.
Thank you for your understanding!

1.12 - 1.13 SUPPORT! 

» Dedicated Staff

Our team of Minecraft server veterans will be able to assist you with anything you could possibly need. Everyone is experienced and has a great knowledge and understanding of how the game works. We ask that you treat our staff with respect, everyone is a volunteer and dedicates a portion of their valuable time to help others on the server. Any issues or questions you may have can be directed to an available staff member on the server.

» Smooth game play

From our plugins to our builds, everything is set up to be as seamless as possible. Aramore Crafting uses top notch premium hosting servers to prevent any lag or disconnections.

» Crates

Plenty of cool crates to open! We feature anything from armor to weapons and special blocks. Buy or earn keys today and take a chance at some of the server's unique items.

» Balanced Economy

While we do offer a donation store with purchasable items, we do our best to limit this. The majority of items can be purchased through normal gameplay, and we have methods in place to keep the economy booming.

» Friendly Community

Everyone is treated as a friend within our community. We do not tolerate toxic players and excessive trolling, and strive to offer a warm welcoming experience for everyone that joins our server.

We also feature....

» Town Claims
» Jobs


Aramore Crafting
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Aramore Crafting
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