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Hey there! Welcome to Arcadian Realms, a server with varieties of sub-servers and lots of optimism for its future. I guess you think this is like any other server, well youd be wrong. With a faithful community, a dependent staff team, extremely good listeners and communicators, revamped gamemodes with amazing new concepts and a whole world of friendship and joy, Id say Arcadian Realms is different to the rest.

What do we have to offer at Arcadian Realms
With over 10 upcoming gamemodes, and many other small-focused minigames upcoming, we will unleash our imagination so you can unleash yours. We will have to offer:

Survival - Survive with your teams on a large scale land of hope. Unleash your creativity with your builds, and fight off against other survivors, or allies.
Factions - Work in groups to conquer the rest, and become the strongest and most powerful team imaginable.
Creative - Build to your hearts content, fit with roleplay and other custom effects.
Skyblock - Make your island to the scale it could possibly be. With custom features and many more.
Towny - Create empires and legacies of any size with your friends or foes.
KitPVP - Gear up for hours of fun with friends or complete strangers. Skill determines the ability of fighting.
Prison - Mining and escaping from the wrath of Wardens. Become the strongest inmate, or the most notorious.
Arcade - Many minigames to play with your friends of any skill level.
[UPCOMING] The Walking Dead Survival Unnamed - A large RPG, with custom quests, story, plot, dialogue and more.
and other unconfirmed, yet wild, projects.

Join our Discord server to begin the hype of the community, and the hype of the server. Well look forward to seeing you there.

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Registration DateJuly 18, 2017
Last Pinged6 days ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesPrisonPVPRoleplaySkyblockSmallHide and SeekFunCreativeEconomyFactions
CountryUnited States of America flag