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Welcome to Aurkana! A friendly community semi-vanilla server, which contains so many fun additions to Minecraft!
Contains land-claim to protect your builds and a server community town which most players live in! Many players are active on VC on discord so all are welcome to join even if you don't want to turn on your mic :)

Don't forget that all players have access to a Minecraft mob type of pet! All pets have an ability which could be either combat or ridable mobs. You can obtain a pet by killing any mob with a lead in your hand or by using /petshop. (Make sure to get a job first because all new players bank account start with $0)

To join a job do /jobs join <job name> or if you want to view the pay salary for each job and its information just do /jobs browse which will open a gui! 

All information is on the discord/server spawn. Make sure to click the discord link!

We currently have:- Survival Land-Claim- Mob Arena- Creative   

Server Information
Ownerpanda new
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 24, 2020
Last Pinged2 minutes ago
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Version 1.19.2
CategoriesFunSMPCreativeEconomyMinigamesSurvivalMCMMOSemi VanillaMob ArenaFarming
CountryUnited States of America flag
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