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Launching 4/21/2017 at 6pm eastern 
Join our discord for launch and update details: https://discord.gg/RcfFJTs

Why Us? 
We were a small group of friends who were tired of finding these op factions server always located on a hub with dwindleing levels of players. We wanted something old school and that wasnt going to just turn into a AFK for money server, but alas we could find nothing. Now we have built the server we have been searching for and AvestaMC is that result! come join us on our journey creating a Factions server like they used to be. 

- Custom generated map 
- No Pay to Win donating 
- Hardcore Factions 
- Minimal Shops 
- Quality AFK prevention 
- No Iron golem spawners 
- Advanced Anti-Cheat 
- Automatic Events such as King of the Hill and Supply Crates 
- Uncraftable hoppers obtained through crates, events, and for a considerable amount in /shop 
- 2 minute Gapple Cooldown to make PVP what it used to be 
- Mature Staff 
- Balanced and thriving Economy' 
- Encouraged player to player trading through auction house 
- 5k by -5k world to encourage pvp 
- Strong community with active members 
- Silk Spawners for all ranks 
- large dedicated server hosting for 24/7 uptime 
- Single server, no hub 
- old school pvp

Server Information
AvestaMC IPAvestaMC.com
Registration DateApril 22, 2017
Last Pingedabout 10 hours ago
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Version 1.13
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CountryUnited States of America flag