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Badlion - Home of the Badlion UHC Elite Invitational Tournament

Badlion is known as one of the leaders in official E-Sports minecraft servers. All game-modes offered reflect the level of care and regulation which goes into any ranked E-Sports Tournament and our ranked leader-boards reflect our core values. We want all users to be on the same page, so that no hacked clients can be used. Because of this, we've developed our own anti-cheat system, Badlion Anti-Cheat or BAC. This Client side anti-cheat system comes with our free competition level minecraft client. To prove you're the best at either 1.7 or 1.8 PvP, our client provides you with mods that are tournament safe to ensure that all users are playing on even grounds. We also offer proxy servers which allow users from all over the world connect to our lobby. These servers are listed below.

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  • NA West:
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  • Australia:

Our UHC Matches are the largest UHC matches on the web. Match with up to 750 players at once and dominate the enemy. We have many rated leader-boards for many game-modes listed below.

Public Game Modes - Ranked


  • Arena PvP, prove your worth against other players. Badlion hosts 5 leader-boards for Arena PvP, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Team Death Match, and Free For All. It's a battle of wits and only one team or user can win. Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the leader-boards? 


  • Badlion Ultra HardCore mode, like most UHC servers, you can only heal via golden apples and health potions. With up to 700 users per game, and a large plot size, you will have plenty of time to hunt users during the UHC Season. Currently Badlion is on Season 8 with two to three resets to the world yearly. If you rank high enough in this game mode you may be invited to the UHC Elite Invitational Tournament. Do you have the skill to win?

Survival Games

  • Based on the popular Hunger Games franchise, Survival Games places up to 24 users with nothing in a survival world. Users must find powered up items in chests and fight to the death. The last one standing is proclaimed the winner. The Survival Games leader-board is no joke, with individual users clocking over 1,000 games played, you'll need to pull out the big guns and prove your worth to climb the leader-boards. Season 7 coming soon! 

UHC Survival Games

  • Based on Survival Games, the added difficulty which comes from UHC makes this game mode a completely different monster. Only being able to heal with golden apples and health potions creates urgency and incentive for fast paced, no jokes combat. Golden apples and health potions are limited, so you must think and act fast to ensure you survive.

UHC Meetup

  • Close quarters UHC Free For All. Users are spawned on a small map close together with random kits of good armor and food items. During moments of inactivity you will be teleported within 100 blocks of a group of users. The last user standing at the end of the match is the winner. Essentially, UHC Meetup is a fast paced UHC simulator which provides the PvP element without the survival element.

Capture the Flag

  • Two teams must traverse the map and capture the enemy flag. Kill the flag-holders! Leader-board rankings are determined by Kills, Wins, and Time played in Hours. Defend your flag, while having members defend your flag holder. First team to reach the pre-determined number of flag captures wins! This game mode is fun and packed with PvP elements and we know you'll enjoy playing Capture the Flag on the official Badlion Capture the Flag server.

Capture the Wool

  • Users spawn on two platforms, the objective is to pillar from your platform to the enemy team's platform without falling into the void underneath. From there you must capture the enemy teams wool blocks and bring them to your respective placement area within your teams base. The team which captures all colors of block or has the most at the end of the match wins the game. 


  • Domination is based off the popular game-mode, King Of The Hill. Each map has three hills. Capture the majority of the hills on the map and your team will begin to gain points. Capture the hill by having users stand within the capture zone. If you control all three hills, you will gain points twice as fast. It takes 7 seconds to change the hills state from team ownership to neutral with one player within the capture zone. If a hill is contested, it will not add points to the counter. All enemy players must be removed from the capture zone before the hill will apply to your points counter. To win, you must gain 500 points. This fun and exciting game-mode is filled with PvP and will be sure to satisfy your PvP cravings. Play today!

Invitational Tournament

UHC Elite - multiple times a year, Badlion hosts an invitational tournament. This is known as UHC Elite. UHC Elite contains only the best players in the world based off our public leader-boards. Practice and build up your position in our ranked leader-boards and you might have a chance to prove your status.

Rules and Regulations for UHC Elite

  • All Badlion Rules apply.
  • If you die by lag or getting stuck in a block, a referee will judge your fate. You may be revived if deemed an unearned kill for your opponent. If it affects the outcome of other players or you died at the 30 minute mark, you will not be given another chance.
  • No cross teaming or truces. This is a Free For All Tournament. If you're caught teaming you will be disqualified from future matches.
  • No camping, includes border camping. This will result in a disqualification.
  • Using spectator mode to aid other players is against the rules. If you are a Live-Streamer, you may spectate for your viewers, but not for active participants.
  • Do not stream snipe, if it can be proven you are stream sniping a live-streamer you will be disqualified.
  • No gap sharing, unless it's the final fight. 
  • If you make signals to not fight, as in tapping crouch or waving your hand with no weapon at a user, you will be kicked. This includes not fighting after screenshots.

Point System

  • One kill results in one point.
  • One win results in ten points.
  • If you miss two tournament matches, you will be disqualified. Last season, the league ran from Novermber 25th until January 13th.
  • All games for last season were at 3PM EST. Users will be added to the whitelist 15 minutes before the start of the tournament match, and the Badlion Invitational Staff will not wait for contestants to begin the game.
  • The top 25 users on the UHC Elite Leader-board will compete in a 1000x1000 UHC match to declare the winner for the season. 

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