Blockminers Beta (2012) [Drug Server & Plots Server]

Blockminers Beta (2012) [Drug Server & Plots Server]

Blockminers Beta (2012) [Drug Server & Plots Server] ip:

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We are currently in BETA!!!

  Founded in may of 2012, Blockminers was my first multiplayer experience. Its original creators Carlsenn and Pikaathuu ran the server for eight long months then shut it down. I rebuilt most of the spawn from screenshots and videos that I had taken, and now today we have our original blockminers back!
No Grief / Plots / Economy - Server

  The /Plots server is like no other economy based plot server out there. It is home to friendly staff and lovely players. On the server you start out as a Trial Builder, you work your way up the ranks to unlock creative. The majority of plot servers out there are creative plotme servers; when I build on these servers, I feel like there is no point. Here you are apart of a community of builders; we love making magnificent cities and gaining skill while we do it. On our server only you can edit your plots so there will be no griefing and no hate. However, people tend to get bored every so often with such peacefulness, that’s why we are bringing a Drugs/Factions and a Games server to the network! Now you will never run out of stuff to do.

Crops* / Cops / Factions - Server

  Founded in 2014, the /Drugs server shutdown within that year. However, I’m glad to announce that the server will be revamped and this time it will be at its best. With a variety of guns and drugs, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. But be careful to stand clear of any cops! ;)

Blockminers Beta (2012) [Drug Server & Plots Server]
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