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Welcome To CampCraft Network!

Should You Join?
The best way to put it is yes, you should join. We have many customized plugins, a great community, very fun and addicting gamemodes for all to enjoy and much more to come!

Our Community:
Us here at CampCraft treat every player with the respect they deserve! The high preformance staff team makes sure that their Number 1 Goal is to make sure that each and every player has a great and memerable time. We may be small, but with new players like you, we are sure to grow!

Future Plans?
At the moment we currently own six servers, which run four gamemodes including;


We plan to be adding many more gamemodes in the near future including;

- Skyblock
- Prison
- Parkour

(All suggestions are taken from server players)

What Makes CampCraft Unique?

If nothing here so far caught your eye, let me just say their are many reasons to play on the CampCraft Network. We have many fun plugins added to each server to make the user experience more enjoyable, some may include;
Crates (kitpvp and survival)
Marrige (creative)
Plots (creative and kitpvp)
And many many more fun custom plugins!
We currently use buycraft for all donations, as donations are not expected from any player it is simply a way to help improve the server in many ways along with giving the user a sense of 'power' over other players. You will be rewarded with many cool in-game commands, kits, features and so on.

Donation Store:

Bedrock IP: Port: 23509
Java IP:

CampCraft Network
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CampCraft Network
Registration DateJanuary 30, 2022
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
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Version 1.18
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