CedarCraft - Join Your Community!

CedarCraft - Join Your Community!

CedarCraft - Join Your Community! ip: cedarcraft.org

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Welcome to CedarCraft!
Minecraft IP: cedarcraft.org

Running since 2011, CedarCraft has the strongest and friendliest community backed by the most dedicated staff team you'll find on Minecraft. 

  • Take on a job and earn in-game money (Ember) through doing the things you enjoy doing and trade through regular auctions and market stalls.
  • Use your in-game money to climb the CedarCraft hierarchy from peasant to monarch, unlocking many perks along the way! 
  • Build by yourself or found a town using Towny and watch it grow into a metropolis!
  • Unlock special abilities to help you in-game with our RPG system, mcMMO

With thousands of ways to play, why play anywhere else?

We have multiple ways of keeping your builds safe from others and do our best to prevent players from cheating, making the game as fair as possible.

We aim to give you the best experience here at CedarCraft, so why not come and try us out? This is not a server you want to miss!

Game IP: cedarcraft.org
Website: https://cedarcraft.org

CedarCraft - Join Your Community!
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 28, 2017
Last Pinged7 minutes ago
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Version 1.14.4
CountryUnited Kingdom flag