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Who are we?
:apple: by thebaum64

We are a java minecraft server that prides ourselves in having a close and welcoming community. We're not full released yet. You can apply for Tester in our Discord!
We're looking for some Staff members! (Helper, Moderator and managers)

:Diamond: What do we offer as a server? :Diamond:

We're a kind of Custom server! We're like Hypixel PIT, KitPvP and skyblock all in one! So you can pvp with default kits, or create an island and mine to get upgrade tokens and upgrade your gear!

:GoldBar: Why should you apply for staff? :GoldBar:

We are a welcoming and supportive staff team that wants our fellow staff members to succeed. We will guide you and support you through whatever help you may need when issuing punishments, dealing with tricky situations, etc. Our staff team is very close knit and always looking for more people to help out. The only requirements are that you must be 13+ (Due to discord rules), a member of our discord server, and cannot be working for any other servers.
To apply, please go to our discord: Click Me!

:DPA: What are our goals? :DHOE:

Our main goal is to make people enjoy themselves! We want everyone to have a fun time playing, Including staff! The main reason i actually made this server was to staff on it, but also because a few of my friends have said that i should start up a server again because it was so fun last time!

:tnt: How can you join? :tnt:

Due to our server not being fully released you can't just join! You may apply for Tester in the Discord!

:bouncyspider: by MineWarCrafter
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The website is
The discord link is http://discord.chillmc.netIf that doesn't work please use

Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateApril 01, 2021
Last Pingedabout 1 month ago
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Version 1.8
CategoriesSkyblockSurvivalFunNeed StaffCommunity
CountryUnited Kingdom flag