ClansAU - Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server

ClansAU - Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server

ClansAU - Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server ip:

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ClansAU is an amazing high-end Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server that runs 100% custom plugins.

The Clans game mode is similar to Factions but with a twist, it still has raiding and the usual, but to raid another clan, you must get dominance points on the other clan.
Everytime someone from your clan kills a member from another enemied clan you get a dominance point.
Once you get over 15+ points you have access to their base for 15 minutes.

It also has classes, (Assassin, Ranger, Knight, Gladiator and Paladin), each class has it's own set of unique abilities.
We also have a balanced economy with many ways to gain money around the map.
It is very fast paced and a whole lot of fun.

To prevent cheap play, after 30 minutes of your last Clan member logging off you have a 30 minute period where you can be TNT'd.
After the 30 minutes is up your base will become indestructible, that is until a member logs in again.

There are PvP Hotspots around the map, such as fields where you can go mining for resources and sell them at shops to earn money,
and Lake where you can catch fish and a chance to get rare items, you can also sell fish at the shops to make money.

We also have a World Border to make PvP more compact, you won't be wandering around the map with nothing to do.

ClansAU runs on a Dedicated Server hosted in Sydney, Australia.
There is heaps of RAM allocated on the server to make sure the server runs smoothly.

Map Information:
8 Man Clans
4 Week Map
Daily Quests
PvP Hotspots
Legendary Items
World Bosses
Custom Fishing

Undead Army
Many more to come!

Extra Information:
Server IP:

ClansAU - Australian PvP Dedicated Minecraft Server
Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateApril 18, 2020
Last Pinged8 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8.9
CountryAustralia flag