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CraftWorks has a selection of servers to choose from. We vary from Skyblock, Prison, OP-Prison, Factions to even more selections upcoming in the future! We strive to be a diverse community and provide games to fit the needs of any player. If you're looking for a different game type, you can talk to any of our staff members about suggestions. We try to implement your ideas as quickly as possible, whether that be a new game mode or improvements to an already released mode. At CraftWorks, we highly value your input and will work around the clock to keep the server expansions and updates highly community driven.

Here at CraftWorks we promise: 

- Little to almost ZERO lag; AKA lag free! Our servers are hosted by professionals on powerful dedicated machines that allow for the smoothest possible gameplay experience.

- A great community. Our players are the heart and soul of the server, and we always do our best to ensure everyone is treated respectfully and fairly while enjoying one of our many servers. Our community forums can be used to interact and share ideas or content. You can find them by choosing the your server on our main website here:

- Amazing and understanding staff team. We understand that a quality staff team is essential to every good server. Our staff are all long time Minecraft veterans who have a vast knowledge of the game and its features and will be more than happy to guide you through anything you're having trouble with. They are also responsible to handing out punishments to rule breakers!

- Affordable donation ranks. CraftWorks attempts to be as pay-to-win free as possible. We require the donations page to pay for server and website costs, however we aim to keep benefits fair while also being useful.

- 99.9% uptime (excluding matience down time). 

CraftWorks is the most amazing network server to ever be seen in the light of day. We have crafted and balanced the server to perfection.

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Registration DateMay 30, 2018
Last Pinged19 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag