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Welcome to Creative Fun


We are the largest Creative server in the world.

512x512 sized plots
Multiple creative servers that can each hold up to 500 players
Access to advanced WorldEdit commands
Plot Chat
Cross server chat
No lag
Custom logging and rollback plugin to fix grief
Roleplay names
Roleplay roles
Custom home names
Multiple chat channels, can disable with /chat

Remember to have a full read of our rules at:


Offences which will leave you permanently banned

  • Advertising alternate servers
  • Griefing 
  • Use of Hacked Mods/Clients
  • Inappropriate Builds
  • Inappropriate Skins
  • Inappropriate User Names
  • Inappropriate /home Names
  • Bypassing a ban
  • Bypassing a Permanent Mute

Offences which will be responded to with a temporary ban

  • Cursing in Books or on Signs
  • Inappropriate Speech in Books or Signs
  • Bullying/harassing in books or signs
  • Racism in books or signs
  • No Advertising Realms
  • No Advertising Youtube/Discord/Twitch, etc
  • No linked advertising
  • No sharing other users personal info
  • No Bypassing mutes
  • No bypassing 7day mutes
  • No bypassing a plot deny
  • No inappropriate /rp names

We hope to see you online!

Creative Fun
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Creative Fun
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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged14 minutes ago
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Version 1.13.2
CountryUnited Kingdom flag