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Welcome to Creative Fun


Creative Fun offers the must fun you could ever have on a creative server. We have plenty of options not normally given to users on other servers.

With over 500 active players, creative fun is one of the busiest creative servers on the market. 

We have world edit for all users, If you vote for us, you can use 3 hours of world edit commands per vote!

We have multiple creative servers for you to build on!

We have chat windows specific to plots as well so that you can role-play to your hearts extent.

We offer Discord Bots, VoxelSniper for our users, Roleplay Names, and so much more.

We have special donator ranks! If you donate to us we will give you extra commands, which are not entirely game breaking, to keep all of our users on equal ground. Example donator perks include: Disguising animals, custom commands, naming pets through a command, custom chat name colors, and more.

Recently announced, we're working on a chat app, which allows you to connect to the Creative Fun server on the go, keep up with your friends on the server!

Check us out on our discord!

Creative Fun lives up to our name! Join today!

For creative fun to have the best experience possible, we impose certain restrictions upon our users through rules. Below are some of our rules, and the rest you can check out at


Offences which will leave you permanently banned

  • Advertising alternate servers
  • Griefing 
  • Use of Hacked Mods/Clients
  • Inappropriate builds
  • Inappropriate Skins
  • Inappropriate User Names
  • Inappropriate /home Names
  • Bypassing a ban
  • Bypassing a Permanent Mute

Offences which will be responded to with a temporary ban

  • Cursing in Books or on Signs
  • Inappropriate Speech in Books or Signs
  • Bullying/harassing in books or signs
  • Racism in books or signs
  • No Advertising Realms
  • No Advertising Youtube/Discord/Twitch, etc
  • No linked advertising
  • No sharing other users personal info
  • no Bypassing mutes
  • no bypassing 7day mutes
  • no bypassing a plot deny
  • no inappropriate /rp names

View the rest of our rules on our forum post linked earlier. Our rules update from time to time as required. 

Creative Fun
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Creative Fun
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