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    Welcome to Crossroads!

    Join our discord to join the server!

    What is it?

    Crossroads aims to be a cooperative Survival experience where everyone works together to build one big city! We encourage you to actively meet, trade with, and form communities with other players. We plan to build everything from castle towns, to farming complexes, and much more. With time, we hope to build a vibrant community of players who share their ideas and creations with one another. Spawn is protected, fire does not spread, explosions do not destroy blocks, and CoreProtect can undo any destroyed blocks so your creations are safe!

    This server runs 24/7 with no downtime. All player actions are logged at all times, and are investigated as soon as possible


    What mods are included?

    • Tpa/SetHome/Spawn: Simple commands that let you teleport to players, set a home, and teleport to spawn.

    • DiscordSRV: This integrates our discord with the ingame Minecraft chat! Send messages through discord to players in-game and vice versa.
    • CoreProtect: If an accident does occur or a block is destroyed, this can roll back the damage done to repair it.

    Server Information
    Crossroads IP170.187.146.96
    Discord Link
    Registration DateJune 14, 2021
    Last Pinged11 minutes ago
    Minecraft Server Statistics
    Version 1.17
    CountryUnited States of America flag