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What is Cubic Worlds?

Founded in May 2011, Cubic Worlds is a gaming community and Minecraft server that anyone can log in to and explore as a Guest. Our aim is to create a safe and secure place for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy building epic creations with others. We value your time and effort, and seek to reward you by providing a community that is amongst the friendliest in the Minecraftverse.

What makes us great?

Vanilla+ gameplay: Okay, you've heard this one before. Sorry. But it's still worth saying that we keep close to traditional survival Minecraft whilst taking advantage of plugins that provide security and additional features. The extras we offer include lockable containers, an economy with chest shops, homes and portals, Creative-mode plots, and full block logging across all of our worlds.

Fun events hosted by real people: As well as traditional Spleef and challenging parkour gauntlets, we also run handcrafted custom events such as treasure hunts, Ice Sumo, Leaf Spleef, The Many-hued Path, Bust the Beacon, writing contests, and STOMP (an arena-based PvP event with custom gear). There's a chance to win fame and special prize currency on most weekends!

Equality: New Members have almost exactly the same building powers as a long-standing Mod. The only perks earned through promotion are the ability to write coloured signs and the permission to place TNT, which we restrict Members from doing as an anti-grief measure. Even then, you're still free to ask other players to help you do either of those things!

Accountability: Our Mods and Ops are not tyrannical beings that must be feared, and in fact they welcome constructive feedback on their actions to improve both themselves and the server as a whole. Just as players are expected to follow the server rules, so must staff members abide by a separate Staff Policy to ensure they do not abuse their position of trust.

Impartial and not for profit: While voluntary donations are welcome and sincerely appreciated, Cubic Worlds does not exist to make money. We don't sell in-game powers, ranks, or influence in exchange for donations.

Not just a Minecraft server: Though of course we enjoy building stuff with cubes, we also have a Steam group and occasionally run non-Minecraft events in games such as Team Fortress 2, Unturned, Robocraft, and others. We have a Discord server and a forum that players can use to organise meetups in other games.

Cubic Worlds
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Cubic Worlds
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