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CueballCraft Cracked Survival

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Cracked Survival Minecraft server
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Have you been trying to find the perfect Survival server that has Land Claims, is cracked, and has a huge network with tons of players to socialize with? Well CueballCraft is your new server! Do whatever you want (as long as you follow the rules), and have fun with vanilla Minecraft.

Don't forget to join our website and maybe donate for stuff.

What makes us a better Survival server:
-Backups of the world made every hour
-No lag
-Online 24-7
-Staff always helping and fixing griefing incidents
-Cracked forever!

Don't settle for just any basic server.
CueballCraft is always online and has a 99.9% Uptime. We make a backup every hour. If you lose your work to a grief, let us know and we'll patch it for you good as new!

We are CRACKED and always will be. An awesome place to build, socialize and be really cool.

1. No griefing or raiding

2. No cheating or hacking

3. No building near spawn

4. No trapping

5. Scamming is not allowed

6. Be nice

7. No spam

8. Don't ask for items or /op (You can donate for it at

9. Don't impersonate

10. No public farms

11. No DDoS or Doxing.

12. No account stealing

13. No Spawnkilling

14. No loophole abusing

We are simply the best server there is. Tee hee.


CueballCraft Cracked Survival
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Discord Link
Registration DateJune 06, 2017
Last Pinged29 days ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.14.4
CountryUnited States of America flag
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