DarkGamesMC Faction

DarkGamesMC Faction

DarkGamesMC Faction ip: faction.thedarkgamesmc.com

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~~ DarkGamesMC ~~

The best RPG style Minecraft server available!! Join hundreds of other players in this one of a kind fully customized Minecraft experience. Let me tell you where we're the best...

Server IP: survival.thedarkgamesmc.com

Exclusive Plugins

  • McMMO - Using this huge plugin we allow you to level your skills, obtain special abilities and spells, have deeply customized looting system with rare loot, in-depth PvP and a complete brand new mechanics that no other server has. The great thing about this plugin is that it is highly customizable. We are constantly working to improve and develop new features that will benefit the server. We are also open to suggestions on our forum!

  • Infernal & Elite Mobs - We have rare and powerful mob spawns at random across the server that will keep you and other players in their feet and in a fierce battle for a chance to receive some stellar loot to help you improve your character.

  • Custom Map - Our map is like no other on any Minecraft server out there. It is crafted completely by us, down to the very last block. This ensures that we're not building off of someone else's work, and allows us to make the server function exactly how we want it to. Did I mention the map is huge? You'll find a ton of fun things to do just about everywhere.

  • EnchantPlus - We have our own special enchantments for your weapons and arrows that are unique to our server. Using these, you'll be able to fight monsters and PvP in brand new ways that are more engaging than traditional Minecraft combat.

  • Grief Protection - No one likes griefers. We protect your belongings and the server infrastructure with high class anti-griefing plugins. If anyone would ever find a way around our systems, we will punish them appropriately and swiftly. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to ensure you have great gameplay.

  • Lots more! Come check us out to see!

DarkGamesMC Faction
Server Information
Discord Linkhttp://Discord.me/TheDarkGamesMC
Registration DateMarch 31, 2018
Last Pinged22 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CategoriesFactionsMinigamesPVPSurvivalMCMMOOP Factions
CountryUnited States of America flag