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Death Maul

This server features a custom gamemode with one main character that must survive in a world of mobs and monsters that are possessed by other players!

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Minecraft 1.20.2 (Java)
Server IP:
Port: 25565

How to Play

Players are separated into two teams, Humans and Ghosts. Humans must fight to survive, while ghosts try to kill them. If a human is killed, a ghost will take their character and they will trade places. Ghosts can possess any mob or monster by Right Clicking on them while in spectator mode and Sneak + Left Click to activate mob abilities.

Gamemode Rules/Commands

  • View: Toggles disguise view for self.
  • Spawn: Teleport to spawn. Costs one ender pearl for main players.
  • Find: Teleport to nearest main player. Spectator mode only.
  • Deathmaul: Start game as main player!
  • Class: Character classes. Unique items and perks. One per life.
  • Spectate: Re-enter ghost form (spectator mode).
  • Chest: Access ender chest. Costs one ender pearl.
  • Home: Teleport home (bed). Costs one ender pearl.

One main character (Human).

This will change in the future to accommodate more players.

If the main character is killed by another player:

The attacker will become the new main character.

Main character is killed by mobs or other/dc:

The closest nearby Ghost will become the new main character

Teleportation Commands and Ender Chest Access:
Main characters are able to access their ender chest, and teleport to spawn or their bed at the cost of one ender pearl.

Ghosts can teleport to main characters while in spectator mode using the /find command.

Character Classes

Main characters are allowed to select one class per life.

  • Wizard: Comes equipped with powerful spells that cost exp levels to cast. Exp bonus from killing mobs.
  • Fighter: Versatile fighter with ranged and melee capabilities. Near death regen and swiftness buff.
  • Barbarian: Absolute tank that can take on multiple enemies. Five additional max health (15 hearts).
  • Warlock: Lost entity that inflicts curses upon others. Spells cost hp instead of exp levels.
  • Ranger: Comes with plenty of range. Bows do not consume arrows.
  • Rogue: Quick and can easily out pace enemies. Increased movement speed.
  • Druid: Strong melee class. Monsters do not aggro.

Death Maul
Server Information
Death Maul IP103.195.103.165
Discord Link
Registration DateNovember 01, 2023
Last Pinged2 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.20
CountryUnited States of America flag