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To put it simply, were a Dedicated minecraft server that really strives to create and fold a better Minecraft community.

The server has all mods enabled with no banned items. And no plugins for a 100 lag free experience 24/7.

The server is hosted in Europe and i personally think we need a good ATM3 server in Europe which we now do 

We have decided to run a 100 no banned items policy, because we think that a server like this needs to shine 100 and people who has been playing for a long time gets to show off what theyve achieved in their time playing the server.

But were not done yet. The server whilst being active and playable is still under heavy development. And you could be the one to help better the server with a couple of items. So if youre a good builder and would love to create our

Lobby and other stuff. Please join the server and give me a message.

Events and like, will be a thing on the server - Hide seek - Roulette - Build contest - and lots more for various good prices. 

Soon we will have our own -

Discord :

Website :

up and running.

- We have hourly Restarts to make the server run more smooth but also to keep a stable server. -

So if you wanna start in a new built community. Have fun, get some new friends. And build your base online.

Come and join us. We need you as much as you need us!

You are the reason to growth.

See you in-game 

features overview


No plugins for a more stable server

No downtime

No banned items

Always Up to Date

Contest Challenges

Own Discord Website

Hosted in Europe

100 Focus on All the mods 3 - No mini-games and all that jazz

Claim feature

Custom Ranks for special events and challenges



To not scare people away with the no banned items we do have plans in the back of our hand. Ofcourse if the server starts to underperforme or shows any sign of lag or delay cause by a specific mod. We will give it the attention it needs to no longer cause problems 

Server Information
Discord Link
Registration DateOctober 08, 2018
Last Pingedabout 17 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CountryDenmark flag