DrugRun 3 | Amsterdam

DrugRun 3 | Amsterdam ip: mc.drugrun.net

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Drug Run, the most popular drug war server, will make you feel welcome once you join our server. Our player base is bustling with excitement and strength. Although we're excepting, you're still the newbie. You'll need to earn your way up to become the kingpin you know you can be. You can play by yourself, become a producer. Alternatively, you can search for a faction who will accept you. They'll show you the ropes. Either way, your goal is the same. Become an infamous and ruthless drug lord. Be careful, the more you stir the waters, the closer you'll be to an all-out turf war. 

Server Features:

  • Factions/games
  • Towns
  • PvP
  • Mob Arena
  • And more!

Server Rules:

  • No Griefing, Stealing or Scamming
  • No Hacking, Xray, Glitching, or Exploit abuse
  • No excessive Spamming, Caps, or Swearing
  • No Advertising or Dirty Links
  • No Whining of Chat Fighting
  • Most importantly, Play Fair, Respect other players.

At drug run, we know that life in the streets can be difficult. But, anything else is boring. Give us a try, visit Drug Run, and participate in Season 3 today!

DrugRun 3 | Amsterdam
Server Information
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pingedabout 18 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CategoriesFactionsPVPRoleplayMCMMODrugWarMob ArenaCommunity
CountryUnited States of America flag