EDawg878 ip: play.EDawg878.com

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EDawg878 creative, the most popular creative server ever, join today!

Server features include:

  • Plot protection system which keeps your plots safe at all times. Only you or people you allow to edit may edit your plot
  • 512 x 512 block plots allow you the freedom you deserve, It's a huge space. If you want to clear your plot, you can do so with just one command!
  • You can toggle your game mode freely, switch between creative, survival, and pvp modes within your plot.
  • Our moderators are #1 in the game, ensuring a safe time for all of our players!
  • If you vote, you will gain access to all world edit commands within your plot boundaries! 
  • We allow for role play! We have marriage commands and much more!
  • Your progress will never be lost due to our state of the art backup system. With regular backups if you lose your progress it can be reset!
  • Due to this we can rollback any accidental grief instantly.
  • With a community of thousands of players, we're the largest creative server in existence.
  • We have systems in place to destroy spammers. No spam!
  • We offer many unique donator options on our website!

Our community doesn't end on our server, check out our forums for a continued community experience!

Server Rules

Bannable offences

  • Griefing of plots
    •    Destroying someone work for fun or excitement, which is not your own, will get you banned!
  • Server Advertising
    • Advertising any server other than EDawg878 server may cause users to leave. We don't want that with a community server. We ban users which advertise alternate servers so that the community standards are upheld.
  • Roleplays which are centered around gore or are violent or inappropriate in nature
    • There are plots which may contain theme related role play content. If your plot contains gore related content, in a distasteful way, is violent or inappropriate, you may be banned and your plot may be wiped.
  • Obscene builds
    • All builds must be child friendly. Obscene builds include but are not limited to adult themed clubs, alcoholic beverages, drugs, male or female genitalia, builds containing profanity, signs or books containing profanity. If your build contains blatantly adult subject matter, you will be banned.
  • Bullying
    • If any attempt is made to harm or harass other people, deliberately, repeated over any time period with hostile nature, you will be banned. This behavior is strictly prohibited. Context does not matter. Be polite.
  • Hacking
    • If you are caught hacking anywhere, in any way, with a hacked client or otherwise, you will be banned. 
Kickable or mutable offences:

  • Swearing
    • Watch your profanity!
  • Spamming
    • Message flooding will result in punishment. Depending on the subject matter you may be banned.
  • Encouraging others to spam
    • For example, terms like, "Everyone, say "Hi YouTube!"" or " Say x if y!" are considered encouraging others to spam as the chat window may be flooded. 
  • Long or excessive hashtags
    • Hashtags are now allowed, but if a hashtag appears to be too long, you will most likely be warned. Anything more than 11 characters you may be warned for. 
  • Backseat Moderating
    • Do not verbally enforce server rules. Just report it to a staff member, and let it be done. Backseat Moderating will result in a verbal warning, and then a 3 day mute if continued. 
  • Racism Homophobia Sexism etc.
    • Any remarks which are Racist, Homophobic, Sexist, or anything else generally deemed unacceptable for public speech, you will receive an automatic 7 day mute.
  • Instigating drama among the community
    • Drama is not tolerated on this server. If you have any issues with individual players or staff, message the staff on our forums. Do not post publicly within our server. 

Server Information
EDawg878 IPplay.EDawg878.com
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
Last Pinged2 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag