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Eminent - Protected Survival. We now have a brand new spawn with a ton of new features!! Come celebrate with us!.

Welcome to Eminent Protected Survival
E.S.T: 2018
We have just installed lots of new custom features to use including custom randomly generated structures and quest scrolls! Enjoy a 3D menu to choose your cosmetics from, find star treasures from playing! Protect your land from enemies and win contests for a hefty reward!

Check out our forums: https://eminentmc.enjin.com/forum

Donate for ranks and crate keys: https://eminentmc.enjin.com/shop

Our server is very lax. We want to keep a friendly and mature community focused on the game, so we do have to enforce some rules to protect other players and the integrity of the server. Here are a few of our rules:

1 - English only. We are an English only server and the chat should be kept to this language.

2 - No chat spamming. This includes talking in ALL CAPS and filling the chat with pointless messages.

3 - Respect all staff members. We are here to help you! Please do not use abusive language or purposely agitate our volunteer staff members. They are giving their time for free to help the server!

4 - Do not advertise your server or service within the Eminent server or website. This is not tolerated at all, there are other proper places for you to do this.

5 - Abusive language towards any player is not tolerated at all! Threats, harassment, vulgar, or any kind of hateful speech will result in a swift mute or ban from the server depending on the degree of the offense. Be nice!

6 - Alts may be used for whatever purpose as long as you are not using them to avoid a mute or ban.

7 - No hacked clients or illegal mods allowed! You may be required to screenshare if we suspect that you are breaking this rule.

You can view the full set of rules here: https://eminentmc.enjin.com/rules

EminentMC - Protected Survival
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/AKwjE4S
Registration DateAugust 01, 2018
Last Pinged4 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited Kingdom flag