Empire Minecraft (1.20.1 Survival)

Empire Minecraft (1.20.1 Survival) ip: play.emc.gs

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Empire Minecraft is FAR from a normal minecraft server.

Empire Minecraft is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server network. With ten servers to choose from, we custom code our server to give the user a vanilla experience but with new features, monsters and items. We have a community like nobody else, and offer an enriching experience you won't find anywhere but here.

An example of our custom server plugins and features:

  • Friends System
    • Stay in touch with your friends
  • Custom Anti Grief
    • Who says you need a region claim system to combat griefing? We have a custom solution that establishes a circle of trust for players to control who can break their blocks they placed.
  • Player Settings
    • Play Your Way. Change various settings from difficulty level, to who can break your blocks in our anti grief system
  • Groups
    • While playing in groups, unlock buffs such as Dig Speed, Attack and Armor Potions. Gain more experience together!
  • Many Servers, One Community
    • Play the Economy on one server, venture out into the Frontier (Survival) on another. 
  • Economy
    • Make a business, run it like a true entrepreneur. Buy, sell, and trade to users across all 10 servers. 
  • Eggification
    • Turn your animals back into eggs! Move farms by chests instead of carrots and sticks!
  • Balanced Supporter System
    • Our paid supporter kits are not OP or pay to win in any way. We have been deemed EULA compliant by Mojang.
  • Adult ran staff
    • Strong decisions, we follow the code of our server. We promise to make just decisions at all times.

We have shops and community auctions, a bustling community with forums and marketplaces, a town world, free from grief.

Custom Mobs 

Semi-Vanilla Custom Mobs? What exactly does that mean? Well, we use mob models such as the skeleton and the giant, and tweak their AI's to offer a boss fight feeling experienced in the wild. Some examples are

Enraged Mobs

Normal mobs, but stronger. The enraged are mobs who have been altered, either with their AI or their potency. These mobs are smarter, and much stronger than normal Minecraft mobs.


Momentus is one of our boss mobs. We use the giant zombie model, hidden away in your clients files. He is smarter and stronger than the normal giant, let alone his smaller zombie counterparts. During a fight with a Momentus, he will spawn Enraged Zombies to fight by his side. Do you have what it takes to take down this beast?


The Marlix is an elusive skeleton rider. He rides around on an invisible bat making him hard to hit. But that's not all that he does, his attacks can hit you from further away than normal skeleton riders, and he attacks you much faster than any other normal or enraged skeleton. Like the Momentus, he also spawns minions to fight you during your battle. He will spawn Enraged Skeletons to fight by his side. 

What if I don't want to engage with these mobs? I want to play vanilla!

We know, we say we're vanilla so we need to have a workaround so that vanilla server searchers can play. Our answer to that question is simple, you can opt out of custom monsters from being hostile within your Player Settings. You now have the choice to interact with these mobs or not!

After reading all this we hope you give us a shot! We work hard providing vanilla content for our users. Make sure to vote us up and don't forget to register for access to our forums. Some of the best aspects of our community are to be found at Empireminecraft.com! Check us out!

Empire Minecraft (1.20.1 Survival)
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.emc.gs
Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.20.1
CountryUnited States of America flag
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