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Equestrifun is a large equestrian minecraft server, teaching people of any age, any gender, and anywhere in the world everything to do with equines. We give everyone the chance to be whatever or whoever they want to be, regardless of experience. Want to be a farrier? Sure! A professional rider? Absolutely! A barn owner? Definitely!

We strive to teach everyone essential life skills - communicating with people across the globe, determination to succeed and the most important skill of all, hard work. In this game, hard work truly does pay off!

Equestrifun gives all players the ability to talk about a big interest together - Equestrianism. We all share the same passion for horses. No matter your knowledge or experience, you will have a great time, making new friends and learning a lot about horses and the importance of community.

There are many possible paths you can take on Equestrifun, whether it be focusing on building, buying and selling animals, professional riding, and much more.

With an exceptional staff team and an inclusive player community, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your experience on Equestrifun.

Come check us out today!


Server Information
Equestrifun IPEquestrifun.mc.gg
Registration DateJune 22, 2020
Last Pingedabout 2 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.15.2
CategoriesAdventureTownyFreeFunPopularRPGHorseFairy tailPeaceful
CountryEngland flag