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Escaperestart is a gaming community which consists of players who love playing Minecraft, getting creative and competing against one another in fun maps and unique gamemodes. Originating from Minecraft classic under the name "The One's" and then "Blocktopia," we are in the third phase of our community expansion where we have begun expansion into other gamemodes, games and event servers.


Rituals of fire consists of 4 gamemodes to diversify the Lava Survival experience: Survival, Classic, Deathrun and King of the Ladder.


Experience waves of lava in survival mode: collect resources, construct a shelter and earn cookies for surviving each round, which can be used to rank up and buy         other items.


Classic mode pays hommage to the original mode: in creative mode you have unlimited blocks and access to every Minecraft item. However, death is still a possibility!


Deathrun is a unique lava survival experience: run and parkour to freedom as you escape the pursuing waves of lava. No building: No hiding. Can you escape?

King of the Ladder

Between rounds, King of the Ladder is available. Compete to gain control of the ladder and earn rewards and cookies.

After preparation time has expired, hunters will be chosen to kill any remaining survivors. When a survivor is killed, they become a hunter. If a hunter dies, they will respawn with a new kit. Once all survivors are killed or round time expires, the round will end.

A rare and special mode of Zombie where a small amount of survivors become Juggernauts. They are given powerful gear, whilst they are hunted by all other players.

During Infection, your aim is to tag the survivors or evade the Zombies. As a Survivor, your only way of escape is by running and parkouring away from the Zombies.

Capture the Flag (CTF)
Two teams fight to claim the opposite team's flag from their base and return it for points. Players are given both a Gun for ranged kills and a shovel for close quarter combat. 

Free for All (FFA)
 In FFA, each player has limited lives and aims get as many kills as possible without dying. with how much time is left.

Team Deathmatch (TDM) ​
Team Deathmatch is a variant of FFA. Instead of fending for yourself, you share lives with players on your team. 

Waves of Monsters are released into the arena. Fight them off and earn gold and rewards, for use in the shop. After a certain number of waves pass, you will have to kill the Boss monsters which spawn.

TNT is an attack / defend style gamemode with two teams. You must damage the opposing team's core while defending your own. Use unique weapons to kill the         opposing team and completely destroy their core.

A creative server which offers free World Edit to everyone, allowing flexing of your creative imagination. Rank up to enjoy larger plots, new perks and plugins such as Voxel Sniper!

  Unique and innovative SMP server; custom dungeons, questing and more to be released soon.

Custom Event servers
Fancy hosting your own event or suggesting ideas for our community? Drop by our forums and it could happen.

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