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If you want access to the best minecraft server around, check out

We have all new game modes guaranteed to entertain you! Survival, Factions, Sky maps and more!

You can join our server by adding to your saved servers.

Check out our website and forums at! There you can join in on our discussion forums or our free public discord!

Extreme Craft Game Modes:

  • Survival
    • Pit yourself against the environment, you, your hands, and your friends by your side. Build a base, fill it with tech. The sky is the limit in this game mode.
  • SemiVanilla
    • Modded Vanilla minecraft, slightly modded for easier game play. Teleport to your friends and to bases, and much more. Check us out!
  • SurvivalGames/HungerGames
    • You must survive for the honor of your zone, and to keep your life you must take all others. Survival games and hunger games await. 
  • Factions
    • You and your friends vs the world. Claim territories, fight factions, war for land. By far one of the most popular game modes and we have the best. Give it a try, if you dare.
  • SkyGrid
    • Randomly Generated, Sky grid is a survival map which is formed out of a grid or random blocks. To survive in this world is to prove your skills. 
  • SkyWars
    • Spawn with a team, be the last team to survive. Kill players with your combined might, or knock them off into the void. Do what must be done to be king of the hill in this game mode. Extreme Craft Sky Wars, check us out today!
  • SkyBlock
    • Survive on a small platform with limited resources. You will need to create generators, farms, and complete certain tasks to call yourself a completionist of SkyBlock.
  • AcidIsland
    • Similar to SkyBlock, Acid Island puts you on a remote island. Only a tree and a cow to protect you. You must survive by using your limited resource to travel out to obtain more resources. All forms of water are acid and the only way to protect yourself from acid rain is to wear armor. Think you have what it takes?
  • Creative
    • Creative Plots! Each user will receive a plot where they can build whatever they want. With unlimited resources, there's no limit to your creativity. 
  • RPG
    • If you like roleplay, and you want a story you'll never forget, check out our thrilling RPG game mode. 
  • EggWars
    • Protect your egg, destroy other members eggs. If you die after your egg is destroyed, you loose the game. 1 vs 12, do you think you can win?

Services Coming Soon:

  • Prison
  • PVP (Kit, and potion PVP)
  • many more!

Join today for an experience you won't forget! Our servers are free and open to the public. On our website you can familiarize yourself with the admin team, check out our leader boards, and keep up on news to keep you ahead of the game. Check us out at Thanks!

- Extreme Craft Team

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Registration DateJanuary 16, 2017
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Version 1.13.x
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