FatHorseCraft | 1.19 Semi-Vanilla SMP

FatHorseCraft | 1.19 Semi-Vanilla SMP

FatHorseCraft | 1.19 Semi-Vanilla SMP ip: fathorsecraft.apexmc.co

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Looking to find your new home in Minecraft 1.19 – look no further.

FatHorseCraft is a new semi-vanilla Minecraft server, with minimal plugins focussed on enhancing the vanilla SMP experience. We love having a laugh and building amazing worlds together, if the following features sound good, we think you should join us.

>> Dynmap.

>> Proactive grief and cheat prevention.

>> Golden Shovel claim protection.

>> Periodic End dimension resets.

>> Semi-regular events, such as treasure hunts, PVP matches, and updated spawn locations to explore.

>> An active discord server community.

>> A funny fat horse mascot.

>> Boss Mobs.*

>> Mob arena.*

>> Player & admin shops.*

*These features are currently under construction, but will be live soon!

As we are a new server, we are seeking players eager to help build a strong community. Trustworthy and dedicated members may be rewarded with staff roles to help us manage the server to a consistent standard. (Please note, repeatedly asking for a staff role won’t work - we will let you know if you’re picked).

See you soon.

Server IP: fathorsecraft.apexmc.co

Dynmap: http://fathorsecraft.apexmc.co:1337/

Discord: https://discord.gg/cFn7czN5ZP

FatHorseCraft | 1.19 Semi-Vanilla SMP
Server Information
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/cFn7czN5ZP
Registration DateJuly 24, 2022
Last Pingedabout 19 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.19
CategoriesSmallFunNeed StaffSMPPVESurvivalVanillaSemi VanillaMob ArenaCommunity
CountryUnited Kingdom flag