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Gamemode One

Looking for a small, enjoyable creative server with both plots and freeroam creative worlds Gamemode One is for you! Looking for a server with competent staff members Gamemode One probably isn’t for you! Gamemode One has four worlds running on the Multiverse plugin Three plot worlds with various size plots in addition to a freeroam world. 

Plot Worlds

Enjoy building in flat, boring squares Then you’ll enjoy our plot worlds! We have three plot worlds, Small 128x128, Medium 256x256, and Large 512x512. They are accessible by going through the portals in the main lobby, or by running the commands /Small, /Medium, or /Large.

Freeroam World

Don’t like restrictions Don’t want to be tamed by borders or regulations You might be an anarchist. You may also enjoy our freeroam world! Build whatever you like, unrestricted by plot sizes or lack of terraforming skills. The freeroam can be accessed via its portal in the main lobby, or by using /Freeroam.


Want to show your building superiority over less skilled simpletons Although you may be an arrogant narcissist, we have something for you! Dots are awarded for creating amazing builds. Dots are displayed next to your name and rank in the chat, for all to see. To earn dots, create a build on any of the four worlds, and submit it for approval by a staff member. Should your build meet requirements, you will receive another dot. As you progress in dot rank, the skill required to receive each dot will increase. In addition, as you receive more dots, you will gain access to special commands as a reward. A list of dots, along with examples for what each dot requires, are available at /warp dots.

Gamemode One
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Gamemode One
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Registration DateOctober 14, 2018
Last Pingedabout 3 hours ago
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Version 1.13
CategoriesParkourRoleplaySmallFunNeed StaffCreativeLobbySurvivalFreeDating
CountryUnited States of America flag