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In this server it is a 1:1500 scale of the Earth with (almost) every country (small islands don't exist)

this server also contains a variety of plugins (you can find a list in the Discord and by selecting the "Geocraft role"), these plugins won't break the game, but they are just fun little tweaks to enhance the players enjoyment

In this server you can own up to 3 countries (if you're an active member in the community), or you can even just be a settler and make your own little home or even small village/town in a country, the world is literally your oyster

As a country leader you can set up exports for your country and control the market - i.e. Sweden controls transport which includes, rails, boats, planes etc. 

In this server we thrive to encourage community interaction; if a country controls a specific export, you must order it from them instead of building it yourself

In the server we have our own money system, you can exchange gold ingots for "Dubloons" which can only be distributed by the Owner (Barricade) or the Co-owner (Skai)

We have a mail system in the server, a player places a mail box, and we have a separate mailbox where you can place items in it and send them to specific players mail boxes, which avoids the hassle of traversing the entire world, BUT we do encourage exploration, so if that's what you'd like to do... go for it!

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Registration DateNovember 24, 2022
Last Pingedabout 15 hours ago
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Version 1.16.5
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