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GhastCraft is a new Minecraft server that's popped up which focuses on fostering and creating a community - we're open to all people to have and have anti-grief measures in place to ensure people are unable to hack and grief other people's hard work. Join up and play with us and meet up with new people - all just trying to have a good time. The server does contain several plugins to make the experience much smoother.


  • Diseases -> a new concept added to Minecraft, certain actions trigger a chance of getting a disease, finding the remedy for it is done through trial and error, this aspect is meant to add a bit of a difficulty to the server.

  • Furniture -> Through daily rewards - you have the chance of obtaining furniture! You can place custom furniture in your Kingdom to furnish it and add more pizzazz to your home.

  • Custom Mobs -> Over 35+ custom mobs! This includes everything from critters to bosses to up the game experience. Explore the world to see what it has to offer.

  • Quests -> 300+ quests to complete, with more added in every week for a new challenge! These quests range from simple to hard to nightmarish difficulty.

  • Kingdoms -> Rather than go for normal ways such as the gold shovel or Factions, we've upped the ante by introducing Kingdoms. You're able to fight with other people and go into war with them - at a huge price, however.

  • Custom Enchantments -> There is a custom enchantment system put into place in the server, however, it is pretty endgame, it includes many different enchantments that are made for survival and are not too overpowered.

  • Auction House & Relic Merchant -> In spawn, there is a relic merchant that sells new items every week dependent on the current events. If certain community goals are fulfilled, the merchant might have the possibility of bringing in new items.

  • Advanced Anti Cheat -> To prevent cheating as well as x-ray, we've properly configured and applied an anti-cheat system to catch hackers without bringing in false positives - it's meant to weed out the people only there to ruin other people's fun!


[1] Do not use profanity in order to harrass any other players.

[2] Do not disrespect any other players through any means (racism, harrassment, etc.)

[3] Do not spam the server at all. This includes the Discord.

[4] Do not use any client modifications which give you an unfair advantage over others. An example of this are hacked clients and cheats.

[5] Do not advertise other servers or other websites at all.

[6] Out of game harrassment is not allowed - if a member is caught looking for information on another person (also known as doxing,) permanent removal from our service will be applied.

[7] Do not ask to be a staff member at all, if you want to apply, staff applications will be on the forums.

As of now, we are still a new server! The experience will only be possible if you help to make it so. If you find the server appealing, bite the bullet and hop on now!

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Version 1.13
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