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Are you looking for the best vanilla survival experience ever? We believe in true good vibes, and we want you partake in our small but tight community of Minecraft enjoyers. If your in the mood for making some admirable builds or taking an exploration vacation, we want you to be able to do so in the most convenient and realistic way possible. We are also in somewhat heavy development, meaning brave souls are being sought after for server management and moderation! Getting in early just might secure you a solid spot on our staff team.

Currently we offer only one fun mode of engagement: Vanilla Survival Multiplayer. We offer various tools for ease of travel such as Random Teleports, Waypoints, Homes, and Teleport Requests. We want as pure a vanilla experience as possible without sacrificing player to player interaction. Mechanics are subject to change however and we offer you a say in this! Please know this server does not tolerate usage of hacked clients! Read our rules in-game or in the discord.

  Excited to participate? There is no whitelist and you are welcome to come play with us anytime, wherever and whenever! IP:

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Giga Chad SMP
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Giga Chad SMP
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Registration DateMarch 14, 2023
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Version 1.19.3
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