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Welcome to GospelCraft.com
GospelCraft is a chill roleplay server, with 66 books of content from the Bible to be added as storyline! There are many plugins to make your semi-vanilla survival seem almost like modded, but without needing to install any mods. Explore a map of the actual planet Earth, while looking to build your town, or company!

In GospelCraft, my goal is to implement the entire Bible as content onto the server. It's going to take some time, and effort, but the content is amazing, the stories are amazing, and I can hardly wait to getting around to all of the different locations, and building the actual historical builds at their respective sites!

Plugins are like mods, but for the server. The server design has players in mind, with all mod-like changes being made server-side, so your computer doesn't suffer! Yes, mods are awesome! Who doesn't like mods, but many computers just can't handle the impact they have on their resources. Our server doesn't lack power, and therefore, we take on the brutal demand for resources by running only plugins. Plugins will not require your computer to download anything extra, and you can log right in using your standard un-modded minecraft client. Enjoy the modded lyfe, without the lag at GospelCraft. ;)

With jobs like explorer, you even get paid for exploring the map of Earth! That's right! We have an actual map of the planet for you to live on. Build Paris in France, or Rome in Italy, or even your own house at your real location! The possibilities are endless! I personally like exploring tourist locations like Hawaii, and Mt. Everest.

So come on down to GospelCraft, and join in the historical fun!
ConnectionIP: GospelCraft.com
Website: GospelCraft.net
Did I mention we have potatos?

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GospelCraft IPGospelCraft.com
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Registration DateJuly 17, 2018
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Version 1.17
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