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11+ minigames, 6+ persistent games and frequent updates! (custom coded) Our server is started at 2015-01-14 and its been under development ever since! We focus on enjoyment of low player count, so just 4 players can experience the full fun of the server!


[b]Castle Wars: Train and command your own AI army and battle other players AI armies! The first Real Time Strategy game in Minecraft![/b]

[b]Knockout:[/b] Really addicting and fast-paced minigame, the goal is simple: knocking players off the platform.

[b]Mini Sky Walls:[/b] Bedwars and skywars spin-off. Contains the best features of both gamemodes!

[b]The Mining Camp:[/b] Fun grinding game, much like Prison. Go through different caves and unlock more stuff!

[b]Friendly Survival:[/b] 9+ dimensions, realistic water mechanics, realistic gravity, custom trees, slimefun

[b]Old-school Survival:[/b] Survival based on older versions of Minecraft. Nostalgia is a certainty.

[b]Parkour:[/b] Hard and challenging jumps, plenty of checkpoints. A couple of well-balanced parkours.

[b]Bomberman:[/b] Minecraft minigame based on an old arcade with the same name. Use bombs to trap and destroy your opponents.

[b]Govindas Survival Games:[/b] a massively-modified version of SG, with a pinch of custom loot from RPG games!

[b]Spleent:[/b] destroy the map with TNT and knock your opponents! A really spectacular and awesome minigame!

[b]Snowball:[/b] use snowballs to kill your enemies! A simplified but addicting version of CS:GO!

[b]Chicken Shoot:[/b] shoot chickens and compete with your friends to be the best of all!

[b]1v1:[/b] duel your opponents using a massive amount of modifiers!

[b]Elemental Archers:[/b] a unique mode of its kind. Battle solo or in teams against other people using a range of different abilities.

[b]Creative World:[/b] a well-known creative world minigame with a plenty of content of ease your existence. Ranging from simple armour stand creators to custom and easy-to-use programming language!

[b]Realm of Almarath:[/b] a heavy-development and constantly changing gamemode based on RPG games. Explore the world and fight enemies. Level up to get stronger and enjoy the custom loot!

A lot of other awesome features await you on the server! Feel free to join now!

[b]Server IP: MC.LIMEWORK.NET[/b]


Govindas Limework
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Govindas Limework IPMC.LIMEWORK.NET
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Registration DateApril 04, 2019
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Version 1.16.5
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