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Hades Labyrinth is a new type of prison server. Building upon the basic prison server model, we have enhanced gameplay through the addition of original and custom features. On top of that, we hope to build a robust and energetic community in which players are rewarded in equal proportion to their spent time and effort! Casual and hardcore players alike will find a welcome spot on Hades Labyrinth.

Our gamemode is simple to play, but tricky to master! Start at mine A, collecting and selling cobblestone and coal. Once you have enough money, type /rankup to move on to the next rank. Each new rank is a new mine, and each mine contains better minerals than the last. Soon you can expect to be collecting stacks of diamonds and emeralds, but can you make it all the way to Z? In the plot world, you can claim your own plot of land, protected from being destroyed by others. There you can build a house, farm, mob-spawner trap, or anything you can imagine.

And that is only the beginning. You can battle friends in the PvP arena, or slay mobs in one of several dungeons. Collect mob loot and scour treasure chests for rare relics from the mythic past. Or just enjoy classic survival mode in the survival world. At Hades Labyrinth we try to offer our players a variety, and plan on expanding, adding more features and gamemodes for your enjoyment! If you have a suggestion, don't be afraid to ask!


- 26 Prison mines and ranks, A-Z
- Rank-based bonus drops while mining
- FREE automatic smelting of ores
- Massive open world to explore, with hidden secrets, dungeons and more
- Plot world, claim your own plot and build a protected home
- Survival world, in case you want a break from Prison
- Balanced and interactive economy, make your own shop or buy from others
- Custom guns, swords and other weapons
- Online music player, choose a song and listen to it in-game!
- Friendly and fair staff members


IP address: hadeslabyrinth.com
Website: http://hadeslabyrinth.com
Discord invite: https://discord.gg/4hGanQ8

Hades Labyrinth
Server Information
Hades Labyrinth IPhadeslabyrinth.com
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/4hGanQ8
Registration DateMarch 13, 2020
Last Pinged1 minute ago
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Version 1.15.2
CategoriesEconomyPrisonSurvivalOP Prison
CountryUnited States of America flag