Hidden Sanctuary SMP 1.19.3 Vanilla Plus

Hidden Sanctuary SMP 1.19.3 Vanilla Plus

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Hidden Sanctuary is a fresh 1.19.3 Minecraft survival server looking to expand and add content to the vanilla base game we all love so passionately. In addition to that I would love to invite you to a Discord server. A server that covers all sorts of topics. We love all sorts of games, but the focus is on Minecraft. Currently we have a team of 6 fivehead developers (MC-STAFF role on Discord) that are all ready to dev. We only recently started this serverproject however rest assured, it will be something unique as all content will be handmade from scratch. We will be implementing a lot of ideas and the vision of my most recent Minecraft server which I unfortunately had to discontinue due to life issues.In addition to that you can expect me to make a ton of content about the server with you guys asI stream live on twitch at least 5 days and 30 hours a week :-) I am also on YouTube and TikTok.Feel free to click my reddit server profile to find all my socials <3 Every single update and or change to the Hidden Sanctuary Minecraft server will be polled and voted for. We follow a similar structure to Oldschool Runescape polls. If you are not familiar with those. 80%+ Yes is usually a requirement for the poll to pass. However, some polls might have a different requirement. If you are mature enough to have read thispost up to this point I think its safe to start throwing you an invite link :D Be sure to check the #mc-server-brainstorm channel if you would like to contribute ideas to the project. We currently have a PTR up the IP is listed below. The PTR is up to date with Minecraft's most recent version: 1.19.3. PTR Literally launched last night as we got too excited discussing the server ideas haha and we had to play for a bit ;) I would like to reiterate that we are in ALPHA stage at the moment. The ETA for the Open Beta is Febuary 2023. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview of my previous server details: ◘ Survival Vanilla Minecraft on hard difficulty. ◘ Inventory items are dropped on death, no exceptions. ◘ PVP Enabled everywhere except for claims and 64x64 spawn-protection. ◘ Claims are bought with money. The first land (claim chunk) is on the house. ◘ Economy consists of money, EXP and items gathered. They can be traded between players in range. ◘ EXP will be used to gain special powers/enchants in future updates of the server. ◘ Money is earned by receiving dropped cash notes by slaying monsters, gathering valuable resources, building, exploring, fishing.. through pretty much anything you can do in Minecraft. ◘ Players can combine their LAND to form a nation, which can in turn go at war with eachother. ◘ Claims (LANDS/NATIONS) cost money to expand and create. There are also taxes and upkeep costs. ◘ Being at war with another nation or LAND makes it so you can PVP/Raid in each respective zone. ◘ Lands can form nations together, which can in turn declare war with eachother. ◘ Custom endgame content that is locked behind finding a rare teleport crystal in the END ◘ Vanilla world generator for the overworld, TERRA for the nether/end and custom content once 1.18.2 TERRA support is released. ◘ So much more. Trust me, so much more! Trailer of the Nether: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe_JWbC1GQc

__**Patch notes Wetnessday 18/01/2023**__

◘ Players can now craft Grapling Hooks! There are different variations but the basic one is build with a fishing pole and 3 planks (any plank suffices). Grappling hooks can be used in a multitude of ways. You can get around to world faster, block your fall damage, pull players and mobs too you, pull items from tricky locations, and so much more!
Players cannot take fall damage when using a grappling hook and its a very spicy and sexy way to traverse across the scapes of Hidden Sanctuary (: -- Note: this plugin has been available and active since the PTR launched --- More info: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/grappling-hook.22854/

◘ Players can toggle the BetterPortals see-through portal view on and off using: **/betterportals toggleseethroughportal**
◘ Updated the config of BetterPortals, You can now make up to 8*8 portals with the effect.
Players also have a cooldown of 5 seconds after teleporting to and from The Nether.

◘ Players will now gain Hidden Tokens from doing various activities on Hidden Sanctuary. The token gains tie in with the Profession system. You get tokens for most actions that are rewarded your Professions. With these tokens players can unlock several perks on Hidden Sanctuary. Such as a bigger backpack, more claims and so much more in the future (:
◘ Players can acces Hidden Sanctuary's Finest (the token shop) by using the command: **/shop** or **/hshop**

◘ Players can now use **/tpa [playerName]** but it has a 30 second channeling time.
The players receiving the tpa has 60 seconds to accept or deny.
The tpa system will be implemented as an item in the future (as most teleport mechanics will).

◘ Enabled and then quickly after disabled dimension blend of BetterPortals. See why below:

◘ Players can now withdraw HiddenTokens, EXP and Money using:
**/withdraw (amount)** - to withdraw money.
**/XpBottle <xp> <bottleamount> / <all>** - to withdraw EXP to bottles that you can trade / store
**/XpBottle <level>** - Withdraws an x amount of levels to a single EXP bottle.
**/token withdraw <amount>** - To withdraw HiddenTokens to an item.
NOTE: Remember that you  can trade safely with other players using: **/trade <playername>**

◘ Players can now create sign shops to sell items for HiddenTokens using the following sign:
**First line: [BShop]**
**Second line: ShopName**

◘ If a player dies their experience is now dropped on the floor in an EXP Bottle.
◘ Updated CMI and PurPur.

◘ Added craftable item **Assign Basic Jumppad** - A magical feather that can transform any pressure plate or slime_block into a, you've guessed it.. jumppad.
The basic jumppad shoots players in their mouse direction at a power of 25 and a velocity of 50.
Crafted by surrounding a feather with 8 diamonds.
More craftable jumppads will be added in the future.

◘ Added ultra rare drop to Kodos the Ender Dragon - **Boots of swiftness**
- Cannot be enchanted, netherite boots, +50% movement speed permanently, cannot be destroyed. Can be dropped on death.

Hidden Sanctuary SMP 1.19.3 Vanilla Plus
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