Hosting services for Minecraft

Hosting services for Minecraft

You've been playing Minecraft servers for a while now, you've played everything ranging from Factions to Survival to playing clash of clans replica gamemodes.

Now you feel up for up a new challenge, you want to make your own server, but how does that work exactly? What do you need to know, and how do you get started? All of that will be covered in this tutorial.

The requirements

  • The server software, you'll need to run a specific piece of software designed to act as "server" for people to connect to. A few examples of this software would be the Spigot Project, Bukkit or the official Minecraft server software which can be found on their website.

  • Are you going to use a hosting provider, or are you going to self host it? Self hosting means you're using your own computer as the hosting machine for all the other players to connect to. This means that if you shut your computer down, no one will be able to play anymore.

    Depending on your personal financial situation, you can choose between one or the other. Most people tend to opt for a hosting provider though, as they are usually more reliable than self hosting. Think about internet outages for example. If your home internet would go down, and you were self hosting, no one would be able to play your server.Hosting providers tend to have really fast server computers that can run many different Minecraft servers at once, without lagging even a single bit. They also have usually have really fast internet connections, which is also a a must when hosting a server. Another great benefit of using a hosting service is that if you run into problems, you can just contact their support.

  • Developers: Are you going to want to make custom plugins? You'll need to either have coding knowledge yourself, or you'll need to find someone else that can do this for you. Usually you can find these type of guys on various Minecraft related forums. Minecraft Plugins are usually written in the programming language called Java.

Finding a reliable provider

If you decided to take the route of hosting with a hosting provider, make sure you're in good hands. There are many fly by night ventures in this industry, and you wouldn't want your server (and your files) to dissapear overnight when they decide to shut down shop.

When looking for a provider you should look for one that meets the following criteria:

  • Fast Servers - Nobody likes laggy servers, so make sure to go for a provider that has really fast servers. It's recommended to be hosted on servers with SSD drives too, as they tend to be a lot quicker for Minecraft hosting.
  • 24-7 Live Support - So whenever you run into any type of problems, you can get it resolved in a whim.
  • Automatic Monthly payments - so your server doesn't get shutdown when you forget to pay the bill.
  • FTP Support - This will let you easily manage your server's files, it'll let you upload and download files from your server with an easy to use tool.
  • Automatic Backups - What if something bad happens to your server? What if one of your admins decides to turn against you and deletes everything you worked for? When your provider has a reliable backup system, it doesn't matter because you can simply go back to when everything was okay.


So if we had to give you a recommendation, which provider would we recommened to the thousands of visitors we have every day, taking into account all the things that were mentioned above?

Final Words

Wether you decided to go for hosting the server yourself on your own computer, or you decided to go for a great hosting company, we're excited to see what kind of amazing server you'll be producing.

We wish you the best of luck, and we're thrilled to see when you register your server on the server list and we can send some players your way happy to try your awesome server!