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Welcome to the HypeNetwork! Welcome to the HypeNetwork! This is the Full Release of the server! We are the most friendly Minecraft community out there! We care about each other, we have great staff members and we care about our members. This server is based on the Minecraft server “Hype Network” Ip: (Play.HypeNetwork.ga) and we offer the most popular games in Minecraft history! Such as - Practice EU. Proxy: EU.HypeNetwork.ga - Practice NA. Proxy: NA.Hype.ga We also have the following bots to help you on our discord server! - MEE6 (BOT) - Rythm (Music Bot) - Suggestions (BOT) We have a lot to offer you on our Minecraft server, including buy able ranks with in game prefixes! You also get the rank you bought in the discord server! If there is anything you want added to the Minecraft server, including plugins, features, extra features for ranks or any other suggestions post your suggestions in the “Suggestions” channel. We would love if you could be a part of our Minecraft and Discord server! Why not check it out? Sites: Discord: Discord.gg/CjtseWf Forums: HypeNetworkMC.ml

Hype Network
Server Information
Hype Network IPeu.HypeNetwork.ga
Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/CjtseWf
Registration DateDecember 13, 2018
Last Pinged13 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.8.9/1.7.10
CategoriesCreativeLobbyParkourPVPKit PVPWindows 10WorldeditPot PVP
CountryEurope flag