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Home of over 23 custom scripted gamemodes you will never get bored.  Hypixel boasts a near 24/7 up-time and has been online since the 21st of September 2012. Hypixel works as hard as they can to offer their users custom game modes, some of which you'd never believe were in minecraft. Hypixel continues to prove that there is a reason why they are the most populated server, and continue to be the most populated minecraft server of all time. Below we give a brief description of each of Hypixel's game modes. Check Hypixel out today!

Ingame server lobby list

  • Bed Wars
    • In Bed Wars, you and up to four team mates spawn on an island. You must gather resources to buy upgrades from the shopkeepers on your island! Each island has a bed, if your bed is destroyed you can no longer respawn. Bunker down and defend your bed. Destroy other teams' beds and kill them to take the win!
  • SkyWars
    • Hypixel's take on the popular skywars gamemode. Each player spawns on an island. The aim is to be the last player alive. Kill players or knock them into the void. With each kill you'll be rewarded with souls. Souls unlock kits and perks which improve your chances of winning. Can you be the last to survive?
  • Murder Mystery
    • Hypixel's take of "Murder Mystery," players take on the roll of either Detectives, Murderers, or Innocent. The murderer must kill as many people as he can without being caught or killed. The detective and innocents must work together to find out who the murderer is before they're all killed. If you figure out the murderer, you win. If you can't, the murderer wins. 
  • Acade Games
    • The Arcade Games lobby offers many fun and casual minigames. Surviving hordes of zombies, building the best plot, and more. 
  • UHC Champions
    • UHC Champions is a game mode consisting of three players per team. Just like Ultra Hardcore Mode, natural regeneration is off and you can only heal by golden apples, potions, or the heads of players who have been slain. Use custom crafting recipes and perks to help you survive in this UHC world.  Once you've built up your team, the deathmatch will begin. The last users standing will be crowned the winner. Can you do it?
  • Arena Brawl
    • Played in 1v1, 2v2, or 4v4, Arena Brawl pits you against an enemy team. Each players swords will have a special skill attached to help you slay your enemies. Outwit your enemies to survive!
  • Build Battle
    • In Build Battle, players pit their creative minds against each other. Build as quickly as you can before the voting starts. Build Battle is the perfect gamemode for creative players. 
  • Cops and Crims
    • Hypixel's take on CS:GO, Cops and Crims pits two teams against each other with guns, pistols, and grenades. Using your sharp senses you must defend the bomb or infiltrate the enemy teams forces and plant your bomb. At the beginning of each round you can buy additional weapons and armor to help you take down the enemy. Can you win? Find out today!
  • Crazy Walls
    • You start in a plot which has resources and chests surrounded by walls. Find as many resources as you can and trade them to the shop keepers for items. After some time, the walls will come down and you will be greeted with invaders. Ward them off and survive to win! Play single player or as teams, 
  • Duels
    • In the Duels game mode, you will face off against a variety of players within different team sizes. Playing off with a group of players you test your skills in our other competitive game modes. Prove you're the best, defeat the enemy, win!
  • Mega Walls
    • Mega walls offers users two ways to play: Normal mode, four teams of 25 players pitted against each other. Face-off mode, with two teams of forty who will win? Within the first ten minutes your objective is to gather resources and build defenses. In the very center of your playable area, diamonds can be found. Once the ten minutes is up, the walls will come down exposing you to your enemies defenses. Tear them down and defeat their wither. Once you do, your enemies can no longer re-spawn. Destroy your enemies withers, slay all of your enemies, win!
  • Paintball Warfare
    • Two teams are chosen, players are split. Armed with paint-balls, your objective is to take down the enemy team's reinforcements to zero. Each team starts with 120 lives, depending on perks. The first team to reduce their enemy's reinforcements to zero wins. Every kill grants you gold nuggets which you may use for power-ups! Do you have what it takes to win?
  • Quakecraft
    • With two types of gamemodes: Normal or Team Deathmatch, use your rail-gun to eliminate your enemies. Gain coins and reduce your cooldowns, this fast paced shooter will make you quake.  
  • Blitz Survival Games
    • With groups of 16 to 32 players this is a free for all deathmatch. Play solo with or without kits, or play as a team, 16 v 16. After 5 minutes the blitz star will appear, the player who finds it can use its power to dominate! 
  • SkyClash
    • This minigame, similar to Sky Wars, is set place in the sky, but instead of islands it's a giant platform. Fast paced, you can create your own classes by collecting kits and cards and mix them to suit your play-style. 
  • Smash Heroes
    • Play as a hero class, try to win as every one! Play solo or as a team, dominate your enemies! Be the last play or team standing to win. 
  • Speed UHC
    • Similar to UHC, Speed UHC is a faster version of UHC. Play solo or as a team to survive only using your tools, perks, and masteries to help you. Just like UHC, health regeneration is turned OFF. The only way to regain health is through potions or golden apples. Can you be the last one standing?
  • The TNT Games
    • This casual game mode lets you play with TNT. Capture points, play spleef, parkour and more! TNT Tag is like TNT Hot Potato! Don't get caught with the TNT when it blows!
  • Turbo Kart Racers
    • A fully fledged racing game inside of minecraft, yes you read that right. One vs 11, who will win? With 15 different karts and power-ups it's never certain who may win. Test your skill today!
  • VampireZ
    • Play as a vampire or a survivor in a battle for dominance. Will the vampires hunt you down and force you to become a vampire yourself or will you escape for your life in this extreme game mode. 
  • The Walls
    • Four teams have 15 minutes to prepare for battle. During the preparation stage, you must work together to collect resources. Build up your defenses, craft armor and weapons. After the preparation stage is over, the walls will come down, and you'll be forced to defend and survive.  With 11 maps you will have a different experience during every game. 
  • Warlords
    • The warlords game mode elevates the standard for minecraft minigames. With Hypixels own custom resource pack, this minigame offers three different game modes. Capture the flag, Domination and Team Deathmatch. Upgrade your weapons and armor to become the best. Can you do it? There's only one way to find out.

With nothing but time on our side, Hypixel will continue to grow and add new game modes as time goes on. The sky is the limit for their creativity and your entertainment! Join today!

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