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Imperial Craft is a one of a kind server designed to give you control over your multiplayer experience while building your own empire with friends! Our creative world gives you the freedom to build how you want and where you want, while also not being confined to a plot map! Build with friends! Our faction world is filled with fun, as our top factions compete for real $$. Learn how to gain competitive edges on your enemies, and always watch your back! Join today, your empire awaits!


Key Features:

  • Freebuild Creative

  • Competitive Factions (Earn Real $$$)

  • PVP Arenas

  • Player Economy / Shops

  • SkyBlock & Skywars

Join us as a ground floor member and receive exclusive benefits and crate keys! We are also accepting applications for new staff members in all positions!

Imperial Craft
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Imperial Craft
Discord Link
Registration DateJuly 15, 2020
Last Pingedabout 13 hours ago
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Version 1.16.4
CategoriesParkourPVPRoleplayKit PVPSmallBuild BattleFunNeed StaffOP FactionsCreative
CountryUnited States of America flag
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