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Impulse Gaming is a new community aimed at player satisfaction, we provide a high quality environment that will meet all of your Minecraft needs. Our servers feature some of the best quality features and plugins that the market has to offer, and we are always looking to expand these as time goes on. We are currently only a survival server, but we have great intent to upgrade to a network in the future. Below are some of the features we offer! 

  • Unique/Custom Plugins - Along with the many public plugins that we use on Impulse Gaming, we also have hand made in house plugins developed just for our server.
  • Playing with ease (Easy to use interfaces and commands) 
  • Friendly management and staff 
  • 3 Crates 
  • Friendly Survival 
  • Claim Tool/Anti-Grief 
  • Crazy Auctions 
  • Trading 
  • ShopGUI 
  • Jobs 
  • McMMO 
  • Custom Anti-Lag/Item Cleaner 

Server Rules

  • DDoS and Doxing is highly against the rules! We react to these threats or personal attacks immediately by permanently banning you and reporting you to the proper authorities. Our server is meant to be safe for all members!
  • Do not use custom mods or texture packs such as X-Ray. This is prohibited, and if caught you will be banned from the server.
  • Intentional griefing of any kind is not allowed. We have systems in place to stop this, but unfortunately people will always find around these features. Report them and they will dealt with properly.
  • Donator perks must be kept on the account that purchased them. If you've donated for perks on one account, you may not transfer it to another or to a friend.
  • Discrimination and racial slurs are not tolerated towards any members including staff. Our community strives to be friendly for all users of any kind. Warnings will be given, but continued offenses will result in a temporary or permanent mute.

Impulse Gaming - Survival
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Registration DateApril 04, 2018
Last Pinged18 minutes ago
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Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag