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Ironclad Factions is a unique faction server that disables and nerfs many different aspects of factions servers. With the glory days of Minecraft behind us, and many new updates and items introduced into the game, we have taken it into our hands to create a well thought out - and most importantly - balanced, factions server. If you're looking for a great challenge, you won't be disappointed!

To start off, the server disables the crafting of Diamond Armor and Sword, Glistering Melons, Notch Apples, TNT, and Firecharges although these items can be obtained through other means than crafting. We strongly believe that these items are overpowered when able to be crafted, and cause many issues within faction type servers. Diamonds aren't as rare as we seemed to think back in the day, and yet they're still incredibly powerful and easy to craft.

Enchantments have also been nerfed, to prevent OP PVP. This goes hand in hand with the changes mentioned previously. Most factions PVP based combat is boring and bland. Mostly everyone has the same weapons and armor - again due to them being incredibly easy to obtain through crafting - and it ultimately boils down to who has the better enchantments. Ironclad Factions aims to bring a sense of skillful and tactical PVP back to the factions genre.

The servers have two classes that give potion effects, those being Archer and Miner. Each effect offers some different perks that you can learn more about while in game before making your decision. Archer is generally more combat oriented, while Miner is more for casual players who like to gather and stock up on supplies quickly.

The server has many plugins to allow you to earn money in a fun way, such as Mob Arena and Bounty Hunters. You will never find yourself having a dull moment, even when you're not warring with other factions on the server.

For a unique faction PVP experience try Ironclad today!

Ironclad Factions
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Version 1.12
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