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Jolt is a small community focused SMP with a dedicated playerbase and active staff. We offer a variety of plugins and new gameplay features to enhance the vanilla experience while keeping things simple and streamlined. Whether your thing is building, farming, redstone, or combat, we have something for just about everyone!


1. No hacking or griefing of any sort. All damages or hacked items will be rolled back. We operate on a zero tolerance policy, and all found to be hacking or griefing will receive a permanent and indisputable ban. 

2. No hate speech, flaming, or slurs. Cursing is allowed. Hate speech or slurs will receive an immediate perm-ban. Flaming will receive a warning and temp-mute. Keep in mind that female players are not here to find an internet boyfriend and are likely not interested. Please don't be a creep. Creeps will be muted for 24 hours and banned on repeat offense. 

3. No spam or advertising. Begging for ranks, permissions, advertising, or harassing other players counts as spam. Offenders will first be warned, and then muted.

4. Exploits, glitches, duping, and xray texture packs are NOT allowed. Offenders will receive a warning, and  any items or progress they gained reversed. The Nether roof is allowed.

5. All unclaimed land is available, but do not use claims to grief. If you want to use an area please claim it before someone else. Invasive claims can and will be removed or reduced. If unclaimed land looks like it is already being used (i.e. has a structure on it) and you would like to claim it, please contact a staff member. 

6. Keep the overworld clean. Do not make purposefully trashy or inappropriate builds. Depending on the severity of the clutter (lava casting etc.) it can sometimes count as grief. Inappropriate or purposefully ugly builds will be removed, offenders will receive a warning. 

Jolt Survival
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Jolt Survival
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