Kladkatt - No one really speaks Danish!

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Kladkatt.se is a Swedish server, although we have not done so well in getting the Swedes! Our goal with the server is to create a friendly and structured nomination craft world where players will feel well cared for and have fun! We do our best to appeal to everyone in the Minecraft scene, and have decided not to limit ourselves to one specific group or region.

To achieve this we have created a crew with chain positions, not ranks! Where the player has actual assignments on the server. This information concerns, among other things, to take care of new players on the server that will ensure that you get started with practical details such as location, protection, and knowledge of the server's simple rules. Kladkatt aims to make everyone feel like they are a part of something bigger. We are all one big family, in which everyone has an important job or position to fill. The server would not run properly without the help of all of our wonderful users.

We who hold the server is very much the simple people who have an interest in the game MineCraft but who also finds joy in running a server and creating favorable condition for the game for you players! Staff positions will be offered to those who prove they are worthy of being crowned. Do your best to make everyone feel welcome, help out new players where you can, and respect everyone while playing. Your hard work will not go unnoticed, we promise! We both study and work and at free times is when we spend most our time and energy to maintain kladkatt.se!

A quick rundown of our rules:

  • Do not grief
  • Do not spam
  • Do not curse/swear
  • Do not troll
  • Respect everyone on the server
  • Obey staff at all times
  • No use of mods or hacking scripts
  • Do not beg for staff or game items or ranks

Kladkatt - No one really speaks Danish!
Server Information
Registration DateNovember 22, 2018
Last Pinged8 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.13
CountrySweden flag