KotB-MC ip: mc.kotbgaming.net

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KotB-MC is a hybrid PvE & PvP server, Survival Multiplayer at its best!

Create a Kingdom of your own using the Kingdoms plugin!

Will you choose to be a pacifist Kingdom? Focusing on farming and building? Or will you be an aggressor, forming powerful alliances to conquer the server? The world is yours for the taking!

But wait, there's more!!:
- Fight in the MobArena, defeating waves of mobs for cash and glory!
- Join one of 5 custom Jobs and level up for access to unique & powerful rewards!
- Become rich! Open your own shop and complete daily quests!
- Race to valuable AirDrops and be prepared to fight for them!
- Place bounties on other players and hunt them down!

No P2W here - Free VIP rank just by voting for the server!!

We also have LootBoxes, mcMMO, Events, and a fully working redstone Casino! Come check us out!!

Still not convinced? - KotB is about more than just Minecraft, we are a community, and we believe people come first! In our community you will find friendly gamers of all ages and nationalities, dedicated to playing together and having fun. Who knows, your next gaming buddy may already be here waiting for you! Come join our family today!!

Server Information
KotB-MC IPmc.kotbgaming.net
Registration DateMarch 04, 2023
Last Pingedabout 10 hours ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.20.1
CategoriesPVPNeed StaffEconomyFactionsPVESurvivalMCMMOMob ArenaQuestsKingdom
CountryUnited States of America flag