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Welcome to L3tPlay!
And so the revolution begins...

Welcome! Here at L3tPlay, we want to provide our players with a fun experience, with unique tweaks.
We currently feature 3 gamemodes, all of them with unique modifications to give you a special experience on our server.

Survival: This is the classic Survival, just massively tweaked. We feature Slimefun, with some unique Slimefun items that you won't find anywhere else. They are completely and totally special to the L3tPlay servers! We also feature mcMMO, so you can level up your skills as you play.
Also, you **should** not die, because, if you do, you'll need to pay a fee in order to recover your items. Make sure to stay safe while you're adventuring around the map, you won't want to pay the hefty fee to recover your items after death.
Survival also features an Auction House, a global shop, player shops, player warps (another exclusive feature), and more! You can use all of these to trade your items and goods with players all across the server extremely easily.

Anvil Search: An exclusive minigame of the L3tPlay Network.
There's 2 teams: Red and Blue, and you have 1 minute to hide your anvil.
Then the wall falls, and you need to fight to destroy all enemy anvils.
First team to destroy all enemy anvils wins.

This minigame also features kits, arrow trails, map voting, stats, and more!

Holodeck (Creative): Everything in the Holodeck is a simulation, so you can build anything you want in your plot (as long as it isn't offensive). There's a variety of tweaks, including a fully-featured Holodeck Menu with tons of options. Build anything and everything you can think of.

More games will be coming soon!

We also have a Discord and forums!
Discord: www.l3tplay.com/discord
Forums: www.l3tplay.com

We hope to see you in L3tPlay!

Server Information
L3tPlay IPmc.l3tplay.com
Discord Linkhttps://discordapp.com/invite/UpQ8YK
Registration DateSeptember 30, 2018
Last Pinged12 minutes ago
Minecraft Server Statistics
Version 1.12
CountryUnited States of America flag