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Welcome to the LCraft Server

Our server is a newly founded small network of games that is always looking for new ways to grow, expand, and improve upon our content. Everything we have to offer has been made from the ground up by our largely dedicated and extremely professional team of staff, builders and developers. We are dedicated to bring you the best possible Minecraft experience we can by offering you all of the best premium and custom plugins, along with a set of beautifully hand crafted maps and areas for you to to explore and adventure within. Create everlasting friendships and rivalries with your peers while you spend your highly valued time here on LCraft. Below you can find a little more about what our server has to offer right now specifically, we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces on the server!


Main server world, where players can enjoy are cool plugins, including MCMMO, Minigames, economy, and many more. Also includes a great anti grief/cheat plugin to ensure all players enjoy their time on the server. We're making survival exciting again here on LCraft. Come play today to start your adventure!

Hunger games

Hunger Games put's you up against other players in a Battleroyale type sitiuation. You and several players spawn in a central arena and must search for items located in chests around the surrounding landscape. The last one standing is crowned winner of the HungerGames. Can you survive? Play now!


Faction servers allow you and a group of players to create a faction. Your faction allows you to claim a piece of land depending on the number of users within your faction. The goal is to hold your faction together while defeating your enemies in return. Survive, build farms, and destroy your enemies 

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Registration DateJuly 03, 2018
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Version 1.12
CategoriesEconomyFactionsHunger GamesMinigamesSurvivalMCMMONeed Staff
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